I continue to be amazed by many short films released on the internet over big box office features from Hollywood. The Gift is another gift to the small screen, well in this case to the internet. Directed by Carl Erik Rinsch (Ridley Scott’s protégé), The Gift is essentially a sci-fi action chase film set in Russia that involves an artificial intelligent robot and a precious box.

After Carl Erik Rinsch , got turned down to direct the Alien prequel Prometheus, he was hired by Parallel Lines: Philips Cinema campaign. The film company hired five directors to create their own short films, each tackling a different genre while sharing the same lines of dialogue. Very interesting concept.  Rinsch has since went on to direct Keanu Reeves’  upcoming martial arts flick 47 Ronin.

The cinematography and camera work keeps the mood tense and suspenseful; while the audio of the short gives it a full fledge “movie” feel.  The Gift is four minutes and forty five seconds and is definitely worth a watch.