A new music video by Out rap artist KAOZ dropped today. For those of you not in the know, Kaoz is a name featured frequently on the Ave. He not only is one of our favorite openly gay rappers, he was also one of our first INTERVIEWS and he was named CYPHER AVENUE’S BEST GAY ARTIST OF 2011.

Why so many gossip sites are still looking for “the first gay rapper” is beyond me when we have people like Kaoz consistently dropping new Hip Hop songs, mixtapes, albums and music videos for years. But I digress.

Last February, Kaoz released a two-volume album called EnterSextions (which can be sampled and purchased for only $5 on his website HERE). It was an expansive project in scope that proved to be just as complicated and thought-provoking as the artist himself. This is oddly part of the draw I have for Kaoz. I’m personally fascinated by this dude as an artist on a creative and professional level. He’s a tough nut that’s impossible to crack.

Even during our interview we had to ask him the same questions multiple times just to make sure we understood his answers fully. That’s akin to what’s its like to listen to his album: repeated plays needed for full comprehension. When speaking to him, he causally walks down stray conversational rabbit holes that are very interesting, but did cause us to lose track of the initial point. His music lyrically inherits this habit as well.

For those up to it, give him a listen. Its like playing with a rubik’s cube: You either find joy in trying to figure it all out or you just get frustrated and give up.

Thankfully, this new music video visually interprets one of our favorite tracks from EnterSexions Vol. 1, “No Strings Attached.” Just about every gay man should be able to relate to aspects of this song about the contradictory sadness and perils of online hookups and dating.