With Only 400 Twitter Followers, Blogger Mikey Fanning Names Himself A Top LGBT Web Influencer

By Nick Delmacy | Posted Sep 24 2018 | 2 Comments  


On an unrelated google search, I found this list on HeyMikeyATL.com: Dream Makers! The Top Ten Influencers of The Web World!

With only 423 twitter followers (and no blog comments), blogger Mikey Fanning named himself a Top LGBT Influencer On The Web. How Sway?


I can understand not including Cypher Avenue to the list (we’re not in anyone’s conversation and we usually do more criticizing than influencing), but to add yourself and your blog to a “best” list on your own site is a next level Heat Check. Especially if the list wasn’t the result of a poll/survey from a third party source.


No shade to Mikey though, why not use your own platform to boost up your numbers? Even the current President of the United States does this. As far as we know, Mikey has been blogging since 2014, so he’s def a veteran in the community. But I mean, even Waddie G over at G-List Society never stooped to these levels with his annual BLACK LGBTQ POWER 100 list.

All of the other “influencers” on Mikey Fanning’s list were not bloggers. In fact HeyMikeyATL was the only blog on the list. The other influencers were all Gay Web Series Actors and Filmmakers including: Lamont Pierre (Freefall), Henderson Maddox (Signal 23 TV, About Him, Steel River) and Tyson Anthony (About Him, Honest Men, Raising Eli).

The list was dropped in December 2017, but I think there’s a VERY good chance Mikey will make his own list again in 2018! Fingers Crossed!

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    OckyDub | September 24th, 2018
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    bpaisle | September 25th, 2018

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