Its official. I actually despise Bill Maher more than Tucker Carlson. With Carlson, his white supremacist ideology is clear. With white democratic smug elites like Maher, he thinks he can hide behind; “I donated and voted for Obama twice”, while saying racist adjacent bullshit. Admittedly I have been saying for years, “I’m not watching his show anymore” but out of habit, I still frequently watch. No more.

Like with most outraged white people today, they feel ‘wokeness’ and ‘cancel culture’ are a threat to our democracy; even though they have no idea what these terms really mean. They think cancel culture is an attack on free speech. No, cancel culture is when you steal millions of Africans from their homeland and strip away their language, identity, traditions, art, religion, etc.…. you know, their actual CULTURE. Holding white folk accountable and calling them out for racists shit they say is not ‘cancel culture’. But like with most things within white pop culture and white mainstream media that originates with people of color, when they get a hold of it, they bastardize it to make it palatable (and profitable) for them.

The reason white democratic elites like Maher are dangerous is because they get to use their privilege to shit on Black grievances while being oblivious to the fact that their stances are being used as talking points for white supremacist like Tucker Carlson. Like with his ‘progressive-phobia’ rant reminding Black folk that “at least you’re no longer being lynched in the town square.”

On friday, Maher decided to enter into the ‘colorism’ debate concerning the musical film ‘ In the Heights’. In typical Maher fashion (along with other angry white people), he had an opinion about colorism but yet had not done any research on the topic. In this case it was shocking because one would’ve thought after his “house nigger” joke from 2017 he would’ve educated himself on the difference between house and field slaves. At this rate, I can foresee Maher saying “what about Chicago” when the topic of police brutality is raised on his show in the coming seasons.

Luckily for me Roland Martin and Tiffany Cross from MSNBC are here to not only call out Maher for his willfully ignorant views but also educate folk on colorism. The sad thing is the white folk who should be paying attention, aren’t. Because they voted for Obama; a man they may not have voted for if he had darker skin.

Tiffany Cross on Bill Maher
Tiffany Cross breaks down Bill Maher’s history of controversial and racially insensitive remarks