The Anti Chick-fil-A Band Wagon

By OckyDub | Posted Jul 26 2012 | 1 Comment  

PictureIt seems now the anti Chick-fil-A hysteria is reaching new heights.  Chicago alderman Joe Moreno, angered by the president of Chick-fil-A’s comments on gay marriage, said he will block the company from building a restaurant in his ward.

So help me understand this. The all inclusive, diversity touting, politically correct, anti discrimination preaching Gay Mainstream Movement is now influencing public officials; to say basically if you don’t like a business owner’s personal opinion, you can discriminate against them and block them from opening a business?  How is this not hypocrisy?

The bully and victimization tactics of the Gay Mainstream Movement (i.e. The Gay Mafia) are becoming relentless.  Yet again they have found a new “evil” to go after and play victim to, since losing their fight with the Boy Scouts.

PictureFor those of you who don’t know; Chick-fil-A President Dan Cathy doesn’t support gay marriage.  He supports traditional biblical marriage.  He also makes many donations to Christian and right wing groups who also don’t support gay marriage or gay values. 

In recent months he has become more vocal about his values and beliefs.  This is his opinion and freedom of speech which he has a right to.

Also what seems to be to be left out of a lot of articles and blog posts is that Chick-fil-A has company anti-discriminatory policies in place that do not allow discriminatory hiring practices (race, sexual orientation, etc.) for its employees or does not allow discriminatory acts towards its customers.
All of this may be recent news to some but I have known about his views for years.  This is why I decided not to support Chick-fil-A and have not vistied a Chick-fil-A in well over 2 years.  Yes, I like their lemonade and chicken strips, so what.  This is a personal sacrifice I am willing to make.  No need to play victim on my part.
Yet again the Gay Mainstream is sending a message loud and clear.  You are not allowed to have any opposing views, thoughts, ideals, or opinions that differ from our collective message.  If you do, we will go out of our way to destroy you at all costs. 

PictureNow this bully tactic is influencing our public officials and law makers into discriminatory practices all because a business owner has a different opinion.  This is doing nothing but causing a division why there should not be one and reinforcing the perceived image that gays are trying to force their lifestyle on heterosexuals.

All that was needed was the Gay Mafia to sound their gay horns and send out a simple boycott message “Do not dine at Chick-fil-A because they do not support Marriage Equality” (should be the end of the story). 

Chick-fil-A is not the only restaurant that cooks and sells batter deep or
breaded fried chicken.  Don’t eat there and move on!

Not only that, you are still going to have people both gay and straight who will simply not care one way or the other and still eat where ever they feel like, including Chick-fil-A. 


Now because of all the publicity, Christian groups and conservatives like Mike Huckabee and Rick Santorum are having a Chick-fil-A-Appreciation Day.  They are advising Christian conservatives and also the 99 percenters and their deep pockets come to the rescue and support Chick-fil-A.  Jesus Chicken (which is what some have nicknamed Chick-fil-A) is generating more support from its base than ever before. 

A business owner has freedom of speech and a right to their opinion, just as anyone else.  To deny a business owner the right to open a business (like in Chicago and Boston) simply because you don’t agree with their personal opinion which has nothing to do with their business practices is un-American.

Alderman Joe Moreno said  “There are consequences for freedom of speech (and) in this case the consequences are… you’re not going to have your first free-standing restaurant in Chicago. Holding up construction would be as simple as refusing to introduce an ordinance to subdivide the land where Chick-fil-A wants to build. I am not worried about being sued. There are well-documented traffic and congestion issues in the Logan Square neighborhood I could use to justify my decision.”  

So you are willing to be deceitful in a court of law, if you were to get sued and use traffic congestion as the reason even though you have publically said you will not allow them to build because of Chick-fil-A President Dan Cathy’s opinion?

Joe you are disgrace by abusing your power of office and authority. Local and Federal governments should not hold a position to curb capitalism simply because a businessman’s opinion differs from a perceived national consensus. The Gay Mafia’s time, energy and finances can easily be utilized towards supporting, highlighting and championing business that supports their point of view.

Again, all that was needed was a simple boycott message. Why does the Gay Mainstream go out of its way to force everything and everybody to be accepting of the gay lifestyle?  What is the fixation on getting people who don’t like you to support you?

Note to the Gay Mainstream…If you want people to accept you for the way you are and leave you alone to live in peace, you have to be willing to do the same for others….but then you couldn’t cry victim.


Not long after Chicago became the latest U.S. city to take a stand against the controversial chain, the owners of the city’s only current Chick-fil-A restaurant fired back with a statement aimed at separating the local chain from its owner’s consistent opposition to marriage equality.

“We are not a corporation—we are real people and taxpayers as each Chick-fil-A franchise is independently owned and operated,” Chick-fil-A Loyola Water Tower owner Lauren Silich said in the statement. 

We are Chicagoans who are dedicated to serving our community. We hold fundraisers for hospitals, school, fallen police and we donate to a wide variety of causes, including everything from churches to gay and lesbian organizations.”

So not only are these politicians hurting independently owned franchises who do not share the same views as Chick-fil-A’s president; they are preventing jobs from coming to the area and potentially hurting charitable donations to local gay and lesbian organizations.

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  1. Rod Turpin
    Rod! | June 10th, 2014

    I realize this is an older article, but I feel like the Chick Fil-A boycotts are something that gets misconstrued as simply being a speech issue, which for many individuals it’s not.

    This isn’t a simple case of a CEO having beliefs different from mine. Dan Cathy can have the most virulent views about gays for all I care, and that doesn’t faze me in the slightest. But when hes giving money to organizations to help prevent me from getting married, or adopting children (which organizations he supports has done), then its not simply a live and let live issue. Its more along the lines of “don’t put money in this guy’s pocket because he then spends that money to actively hinder your rights.” Dan Cathy isn’t simply holding an opposing viewpoint, he’s paying to keep a group suppressed. And again, I stress that I don’t care if he dislikes me or not, but what he’s doing does actively interfere in the lives of many gays and lesbians, such as when many Californians couldn’t get married after Prop 8. It was within a less than 5% margin, so his donations most likely had a substantial impact there.

    And even though the franchises are independently owned and operating, they do buy all their materials from the franchiser and pay a regular fee, so they are still putting money into Dan Cathy’s pocket. If it’s just a matter of his opinion, it would be much less of an issue. But when his money gets involved, then it’s perfect reasonable for that to affect how his customers…

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