These 3 Illustrated Ghost Stories Will Scare The Shit Out Of You!

By Nick Delmacy | Posted Oct 1 2014 | 13 Comments  


I pissed myself while reading these 3 stories created by Korean illustrator HORANG. Seriously, these webtoons really freaked me out. I literally jumped away from the computer screen at least one or twice during each story.

Ghost of Bongcheong-Dong, Ghost in Masung Tunnel and Ok-su Station Ghost play out as quick campfire ghost stories, even with their own jump-scares included.

If you like to be frightened, do yourself a favor and read these three short stories with the lights off!


ghost 1

Near midnight one evening, a Korean schoolgirl walks home from a long night of studying and is confronted by a strange woman.



A woman traveling to her hometown on a train awakens to discover they are in a never-ending tunnel where sinister things are happening.



A man waiting in a subway station mocks a seemingly drunk woman staggering around on the platform. Friends on social media inform him that all might not be what it seems…



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  1. Ocky "The Thing" Williams | October 1st, 2014

    These were fun…mos def liked the first one the best.

    • UncontrolledXenomorph | October 2nd, 2014

      They were fun!

      The first one though…. she said “worse, her hair was in every direction!” I was like that’s really worse than her joints all twisted? Prioritize, chick. lol

      • Dre of the Dead | October 4th, 2014

        Her Hair was all kinds of jacked up.I can’t believe she would be caught dead like that.

        • UncontrolledXenomorph | October 4th, 2014

          That outfit was a worse offense than the hair tho. Hated it.

          • Dre of the Dead | October 4th, 2014

            If i looked like her, I’d jump too *snap snap*

  2. Mike "IT" Brown | October 1st, 2014

    Yo @Ocky why didn’t you warn me about these damn stories lol

  3. Raymond "The Shining" Wright II | October 1st, 2014

    Oh my goodness! I just started reading the first and I don’t If I want to finish it. this is so crazy LOL

  4. Raymond "The Shining" Wright II | October 1st, 2014

    Just finished reading all of them…that was fun. Every time scrolled down I kept my hand hovering over the screen hoping to not get scared but it didn’t work lol

  5. bravooo_ | October 2nd, 2014

    whatt the fuck! I actually yelled cus i wasn’t expecting that lmao

  6. Rod Turpin
    Roooooooooood! | October 2nd, 2014

    Man, I really enjoyed this! I love when something gives me a genuine surprise scare 😀

  7. alton
    NYCforEVER | October 2nd, 2014

    These are some really kool stories and would make awesome short films (if done right). I didn’t find them particularly scary, though. I think the “fear factor” would be stronger seeing it on film. Love Asian Ghost stories, they have a different “vibe” to them. “The Grudge” (the first one, at least) was creepy as f#$k, to me.

  8. Dre of the Dead | October 4th, 2014

    That second story got real good.

  9. a,davis | October 5th, 2014

    These were Good because it was those unexpected Jolts that just jump out at you.I was almost afraid to continue on with the story for fear of what the next jolt or surprise would be .lol

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