Tyson Anthony, writer of the LGBT novel that spawned the show “About Him” and its’ sequel “About Him: Freshman Year,” launches his own streaming site featuring all of his previous web series.

Premiering on September 5th is his newest show, “Honest Men” featuring the return Tripp Ali, a favorite performer on the Black Gay Web Series Chitlin’ Circuit.


I mean, I guess…


I could (and have) write a whole essay about these web series being too smutty, poorly acted and written so trite & superficially that the script exists merely to set up the next simulated soft core porn sex scene…but who cares, right?

At this point, Tyson Anthony, Henderson Maddox and Lamont Pierre know who their audience is and likely know they won’t be winning any “Moonlight”-like Academy Awards any time soon.


Official “Honest Men” Synosis:

Introducing “Honest Men” A show about fatherhood, their sons, and the boy next door. Featuring the return of Tripp Ali and based on the novel “Fatherly Figure” by Tyson Anthony




Seriously? We’re at the point where the actors just don’t wear clothes at all anymore?


I’m old…I’m tired…and I’m and endangered Nasir Jones loving black gay man.

I live in a world where gay black men discuss the relationship woes of fictional women in Insecure and Queen Sugar more than they talk about the Mayweather/McGregor fight or the Kyrie Irving/Isaiah Thomas trade.

Since this is what y’all want, here you go: