This website isn’t one that attempts to start or encourage rumors about who’s gay and who’s not. From the title of our site you can tell we actually respect the individuals decision to remain in the closet for as long as you feel the need. Coming Out isn’t for every, especially actors.

Having said that, when you get on camera overly stressing your non-homosexuality, you open yourself up to a tad bit of scrutiny. This is the case with Single Ladies actor Travis Winfrey, who happens to play “The Gay Guy” on the show.

Admittedly, I have never seen an entire episode of Single Ladies and my big screen HDTV has never even been on VH1 a single day in the 5 years that I’ve owned it. But one day the show was playing on those TVs attached to the treadmills at the gym and there was a scene featuring Travis’ gay character, Omar, giving relationship advice to one of the titled “Ladies” all while hemming her dress. While Travis didn’t portray Omar as a finger-snapping queen, the fact that we still see the stereotypes of “gay man as fashion specialist” and “gay man as wise-old relationship expert” caused me to quickly change the station.

Travis is very easy on the eyes, so of course I looked him up later and found the images and a video interview (embedded below) in which he overemphasizes that he’s “straight” and “loves the ladies.” The fella doth protest a little too much, in my view. My “gaydar” is worst than anyone’s, but he really gives me “gay” or at least “bisexual.”

Is this just an overly animated heterosexual trying to make his sexual orientation very clear despite the Gay character he’s portraying on Single Ladies? Or is this just a down low gay guy trying to deflect attention so that he can continue getting acting roles in the future?

I mean he was a bartender/manager at multiple gay clubs in West Hollywood, for God’s sake.Why does this even matter? Is this post just another case of a gay man making everyone he thinks is attractive gay as well?

Not at all…to me its one thing to be Discreet or In The Closet, we may not be really helping the gay cause but that’s our choice…But when we get into the area of being a hypocrite or going out of our way to draw attention from ourselves, that’s another thing.What are your thoughts?

– Nick D