Every now and then Nick or I will unleash the “Sci-fi, geek, nerdy, video game, tech” sides to our personalities. So you best believe I got excited with two of April’s new video game releases. Why…because they feature strong men of color.


Video games continue to be big business and game publishing companies have broadened their horizons by having gays and people of color inspire their stories and characters.

Notably the recent release of critically acclaimed Mass Effect 3 features a very diverse cast and actually allows you to change the sexuality of the main character Alliance Marine Commander Shepard to homosexual.  The futuristic sci-fi game plays out with scenes of Commander Shepard in homosexual situations with males of all colors.



In continuing with the theme of showcasing men of color in video games, this month sparks a good dosage.  Both games feature men of color in the primary starring roles.

PictureFirst up is Prototype 2

Prototype 2 will hit shelves April 24, 2012.  This action game developed by Radical Entertainment and Published by Activision is rated “M” for Mature which basically means; blood, gore, sex, violence, strong language, etc.

Prototype 2 centers around the main character James Heller, an army vet with nothing left to live for being that his wife and daughter have been murdered.  From early reviews, Prototype 2 is heavy on story with large chunks of cinematics that is also heavy on the action.  James is a genetically infected, mutated super powered ex-soldier who can morph his body into numerous weapons to decimate his enemies and the cityscape around him.

Art direction, character models, environment textures and lighting have all improved from the first Prototype game.

This is displayed by the realistic New York back drop that has been quarantined by an insidious corporation and their black ops style enforcement officers.

In his quest for answers and vengeance, James Heller can morph and absorb the organic and inorganic to unleash his rage on the enemy officers, tanks and helicopters that occupy the city with his weaponized tendrils and claws. See the live action trailer and game play video below.

Keep in mind the embedded videos cant compare to playing in HD TV at home (I did say I had a geeky side right?).


With the impressive step forward in visuals, action abilities and deeply human themes and relationships, Prototype 2 brings a new motivated hero for you to enjoy.


Next Up…The Walking Dead: The Game

This highly anticipated “The Walking Dead” published and developed by Telltale Games, releases this month with much praise via download on Xbox arcade and PS3.  Fans of the Starz TV series along with the fans of the comic series already know the background of the action drama that takes place around zombie infected Atlanta, Georgia. The game is a like a combination of the two series and allows you play the protagonist hero Lee Everett.

The game is heavy on the story, dialogue just as we have come to love in the series but doesn’t seem that heavy on any action. The game allows you to make choices and decisions that affect the outcome of your game play as you go along.  The story and dialogue allows you to get to know Lee along with other characters in the game so actions and consequences will have a more emotional impact. 

Below is a scene from Episode One “A New Day”…

Some have said it feels like you are playing The Walking Dead comic book series created by Robert Kirkman and to me it also looks like you are playing a graphic novel and not really a game due to the shaded cells.  Right now it is looking like the Walking Dead game will have an “M” rating for mature…you know because of the whole killing zombies thing. An example is below which also displays how making choices effects the game.
I do like the sound effects and music which builds the anticipation and suspense.

One thing I am not feeling is the fact that this is not a complete game perse. Episodes will cost meaning 400 Microsoft points($) or $4.99 on the Play Station network.  PC and Mac players can also get the first of the five episodes this month, but they have to pay $24.95 upfront for the entire season.

Gamers may scoff at this because Telltale’s last two game projects, Back to the Future and Jurassic Park were pretty bad to say the least.

This makes me think I may wait until all episodes go on sale if I make a purchase at all, I haven’t decided yet but apparently the reply factor of each episode it good being that the outcomes change based on your choices you make in game. Also initial playing of one episode is about 2 hours so in total you are looking at well over 10 hours of game play for around $25.00.  If you are wanting full out zombie apocalypse action, you will have to wait for Resident Evil.

Again for me the overall pleasure is that game developers and publisher are being more inclusive concerning sexuality and ethnicity in the games that are being released. I hope the trend continues and we see more trends like these cross over into other forms of big budget main stream media.

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