Do Transgender Masculine Men Of Color Matter?

I came across this video of transgender male King KT and was amazed at his transformation from female to male. He seems to not only have worked hard to obtain his physique but also seems to be living in his truth. Kudos to him! However it made me wonder; why have I not seen this or similar stories on any of the other popular gay mainstream websites that claim to be “for all members of the LGBT community”?

These websites highlight and focus daily on transgender women like Laverne Cox, Carmen Carrera and Janet Mock but rarely do they focus on transgendered men; why? As explained previously in my article The Gay Gatekeepers, anything that is fabulous, flamboyant and feminine is fixated on and praised within the Gay Mainstream bubble. Masculinity on the other hand is marginalized and often times shunned in the gay community.

Everyone knows that Cypher Avenue has a niche or feel and we are unapologetic in concerns of masculinity. I do feel that the supporters of the popular mainstream gay websites need to start holding their feet to the fire and call attention to the images and stories these websites constantly seem to keep omitting. If they claim they are a “safe place” and “welcoming to all”, make them prove it by adding some diversity not only in appearance but also in content.