The power of the Hot-Damn Internet, I tell you. Okay this is kinda surreal but merely days after my essay, You Claim Frank Ocean But He Ain’t Claiming You made the rounds on the Internet (website pageview diarrhea, son), Frank Ocean blogged the photo embedded below on tumblr accompanied by one word: Respect.Then posted the photo on their blog adding the text There’s been some chatter on message boards and in comment sections that maybe Frank Ocean, the mega-popular, talented and, yes, powerful, musician had gone back into the closet after becoming the most successful gay musician around, in hip-hop, rap, pop and otherwise…Anyway, clearly Ocean’s not hiding or ashamed, because the 25-year old took to Tumblr to tout his inclusion in Out’s 2013 Power List.

This is chatter we started over the weekend with my original essay.

Cypher Avenue indirectly prompted this rare acknowledgment of an accolade from a Gay publication. Frank Ocean’s blog-dap came OVER TWO WEEKS after named him to that list but then only one short weekend after my much passed around essay, he tosses a photo up on his blog to appease us lowly homos. This lil website is coming up. Technically FO is in our demo: A discreet masculine loner dude that spends too much time on the Internet and doesn’t fit into the “Gay Lifestyle.”

Its a baby step in the right direction, its the first time he’s lumped himself with other Out gays, with a transsexual on top of that. Really, doe. One such as myself could argue this is not going as far as saying “LGBT Respect” or “Family” along with the photo, but at least he’s embracing instead of distancing. Really doe x2.

In honor of this occasion, I will be retiring the words Frank and Ocean from Cypher Avenue. The Ocean jersey is being lifted into the rafters. This will be my series finale FO post, if you will. There’s this little bird flying around the Internet on message boards and Disqus comments saying that Nick Delmacy has some vendetta for this lil dude and that I bash him every chance I get. Nah, breh. If you wanna see me bash, check out my Web Series Reviews. That’s where I bring that ether, right there.

Excuse me for trying to provoke the usage of brain synapses, homies. I will fall back. I don’t wanna come off as a hater just because people don’t like their “saviors” spoken ill of so that means Jesus, Obama and Frank Ocean will get a DC pass from me for now on. I’m done…(even though I was right!!!)

Swerve, breh.

– Nick D