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What is Queer? 

Months ago when I saw a 2 part VICE series featuring members of the LGBTQIA community comprised of pro / anti Trump supporters, I knew my review of the Q&A discussion would’ve been to mentally exhausting and time consuming and the review never manifested. That’s…


The E. Lynn Harris Complex 

I am no stranger to a good book, especially when It comes to fiction/fantasy genres.  The late E. Lynn Harris is notably one of the best writers of our time for this particular genre who catered to our community’s need for excitement, passion, mystery, and…

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More disappointing time spent this week viewing another black gay web series on YouTube from a “can you review my web series on your website” director’s email request. I’m replaying dialogue in my head between Nick Delmacy and screenwriter James Peoples from Podcast #23 about…

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CA Podcast #14 – Dating, Sex w Friends, Fly Young Red “Throw That Boy Pussy”, Ballroom Voguing 

In this podcast, Cypher Avenue founders Ocky Williams & Nick Delmacy discuss Dating in Atlanta, Having Casual Sex with Friends, The Eligible Bachelor Members on Cypher Avenue, Fly Young Red’s love for ”Boy Pussy”, Why Ballroom Scenes are kinda ”Gross”, inappropriate jokes about Malaysia Flight 370 and much more!