Here it is; PART 3 of “Trying to Get into Shape and Lose Fat”! In this post you will find tips 8 through 10.


8. Focus on Proper Form and Strecthcing

The gym can already be intimidating for some, so mix that in with the feeling of competition and testosterone and it can be a recipe for injuries.  Starting out, focus on using proper form to do the exercises in your work out plan.  The increase in how much weight you can lift will come later.  Don’t try to be Hercules or over compensate for your short comings.  Proper form when exercising is essential for reaping the benefits of what you are attempting to accomplish.

  Stretching before, during and after your work out is also very important.  You want to make sure your joints and muscles have adequate blood flow which will help in reducing injury but can also lead to lifting more weight during your exercises.   

The gym is not a place for competition and grand standing.  Focus on you and becoming in tune with your body versus showing off and trying to be seen.


9. Get a Meal Plan and Follow It…Like Your Life Depends On It.

This one may have needed to be higher on the list; however not eating properly is the worst thing you could do when attempting to get into shape.  This is one of the easiest ways to sabotage your fitness goals.  If you can I would recommend getting rid of all the unhealthy foods or snacks in your house.  Give is away, take it to work, do away with it, if you can but try to begin with a clean slate.

Understand by not eating properly you will not be providing your body the fuel it needs to exercise.  Also by not eating properly or consuming the wrong foods, may cause you to not see the results you intend.  Get a good meal plan that consists of multiple small portion meals or snacks through out the day to make sure you are super charging your metabolism into over drive.

Try to prepare all your meals and snacks on Sunday so to make sure you are prepared during the week.  For example you don’t want to give into cravings or make a poor meal decision all because you may have become busy during the week and forgot to prepare your lunch for the following day.  Keep healthy snacks on hand at your place of employment as to not give into sweets or temptations around the office.

Also note that not eating or starving yourself is never a good idea and in fact may cause your metabolism to slow down and you may end up retaining fat.  This of course will sabotage your fitness goals.  In my opinion working out is very important; however having a good meal plan and eating properly is 75 to 80% of your success.


10. Rest and Recovery

Getting proper rest is always important but it is really important when you are working on your fitness goals.  You are putting your muscles through something they may not be accustomed to.  After working out, the soreness you feel is small microscopic tears that have occurred in your muscles.  During sleep is when your body goes into the action of repairing and healing itself from the damage that was caused during working out.  Getting proper sleep and rest allows your body to also get stronger while healing and repairing itself.

When starting out you may be anxious and excited but don’t over do it.  There is nothing worse than having an injury sideline you when you are attempting to complete your fitness goals.  Again been there, done that.  Take time away from the gym to make sure you are not over training and give your body a chance to recover and grow. 

Also keep in mind that you should not work the same muscle groups every day which could also lead to injury from over training.  You should not have to worry about this if you have a properly balance work out plan.

Well those are my 10 helpful hints when starting out on your fitness goals.  Keep in mind you should also have an idea of your limitations.  This means regardless if you are slim, slightly or considerably over weight, I would suggest getting professional advice from a physician before starting any nutrition or physical fitness plan or routine.


You have the power to change your Life Style!

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