We’re officially into Week Two of Halloween Month here at Cypher Avenue! If you haven’t already, its time to start a marathon of your favorite horror movies!

This got me thinking. Most of the time (but not always), Black and Latino characters in American horror movies are the easily forgettable “best friend” or sidekick who get killed within the first 20 minutes. This always sucked because as a young horror fan, I always liked seeing people who looked kinda like me in the films.

So let’s play a game. Let’s see how many Black and Latino we can list from American horror movies!


Please list the name of the actor, the film he/she was in and include a still photo, animated gif or a YouTube video clip from the film. And please give a brief reason why you liked the character!

You can include the famous male or female actors from the big horror films but you get bonus props for posting lesser known characters from the under-the-radar horror flicks!

** Note: Spoilers should kinda be expected here since MOST black characters die in these movies **

Here are a few to get us started:

Duane Jones. Night of the Living Dead.

This was probably the first horror movie I’d seen where the lead character was a black man who wasn’t ghetto or a thug. Duane Jones delivered a very believable performance as a horror hero.

Duane Jones

Keith David. The Thing

The Thing is one of my favorite horror movies from 80s that still holds up to this day. Keith David’s no-nonsense attitude throughout this film is one of my favorite performances by him.

101612-celeb-keith-david-the-thingTony Todd. Candyman.

This goes without saying. Tony Todd’s Candyman is probably one of the only times a black man was a plausible main villain in a horror movie. This movie scared the shit out of my when I saw it in the theater as a kid.



Franky G. SAW II.

This pick might just be for superficial reasons. Franky G was both insane and sexy in the first sequel to the horror hit SAW.



Mekhi Phifer. I Still Know What You Did Last Summer and Dawn of the Dead.

I Still Know What You Did Last Summer was a really bad movie…but Mekhi Phifer was pretty good in it. To be honest, I wasn’t even feeling Mekhi until this movie. And I was pretty pissed when his character got a lame ass hook to the throat.


The Dawn of the Dead remake however was a much better film. Mekhi played a pretty unremarkable character but at least this time he went out like a “G”.


Morris Chestnut. Anacondas: Hunt for the Blood Orchid and The Cave.

Aight, not gonna lie…many of these choices are just straight up eye candy. But lets face it, many horror films are bad so at least having attractive men of color to look at makes them watchable. The Anaconda sequel definitely fits that category.


The Cave. Once again, Morris Chestnut showcases he chocolate sexiness in a bad horror film. Yes the film is no where near as great as the far more superior thriller The Descent…But at least The Cave has a character who looked like this:



Robert Ri’chard. House of Wax.

Robert’s character is seen getting a blowjob in the film in the first 5 minutes. Nuff Said.




Alright, its your turn! Let’s see how many characters we can get on the list!

Please list the name of the actor, the film he/she was in and include a still photo, animated gif or a YouTube video clip from the film. And please give a brief reason why you liked the character!