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In preparation for a massive upcoming project on the site, I’ve been watching tons of black gay web series. One thing is for sure, black gay men hate clear pictures and crisp audio….Okay, Okay, actually two things are for sure: Black gays can’t do quality film production and they REALLY love DRAMA.

This doesn’t just apply to our fiction though. I’ve been to many gay gatherings where guys listen out for even the slightest instance of “Shade” so that they can scream it out, instigating the obligatory “Shade” response. It’s become so common that casual venom-laced insults have replaced normal greetings.

Another form of Drama that has become common is the Gay Relationship kind.

If a gay couple comes to a gay gathering or house party and I start speaking to one of the two in the process of mingling, I always get dagger eyes from the boyfriend. Nevermind that I’m just a friendly, affable, sociable guy who likes to meet new people…No, according to the boyfriend, I’m trying to “take their man!”

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Admittedly, some guys do get outright disrespectful. Copping a feel and Gay Touching is totally out of bounds, especially if the man is at the function with his partner and has expressed his desire for you to keep your hands to yourself.

But some guys don’t express this desire. Some committed men in relationships DO allow a little touching….they DO exchange numbers….they DO text back and forth with another guy…they DO go “hangout” with other men at sportsbars or movies….they DO allow their “homeboy” to kiss them or hug them a little too long…they DO let their “Best Friend who also happens to be their Ex” give them head from time to time…

Once the boyfriend finds out….this usually ends in DRAMA.


Or does it?

Some gay men out there don’t care and view these instances as mere speed bumps.

What would be your final straw?

Would you end a long relationship just because you found a couple explicit text/photo messages in his phone?

If you found out he was even just flirting with someone at a party or club, would that be enough to throw your dude out of the house?

Would it take oral sex to tip you over the edge? Or would that be passable if it were the first offense?

Even if you found out he had intercourse with someone else, he says it was a one-time slip up… would that be enough to close the curtains on the Gay Musical that was your long term relationship?

Steel River Webisode S01E06 "The Shock Attack"