Yeah, yeah, yeah…there’s no such thing as a “perfect” man…but just for shits & giggles I thought it might be fun to see what The Perfect Guy would look like for the various Squad Members.

In 1985, John Hughes released “Weird Science”, a film in which 2 high school geeks use a home computer, a Barbie doll and a lot of electricity to create their perfect woman.

If you had the ability to weird scientifically create a “Perfect Guy,” what would your parameters be?

– What/who would he look like physically?
– How old would he be?
– Where would he be from?
– What would his personality be like?
– What kind of education and career would he have?
– What would his interests be?

Add on any other options that you’d like your Perfect Guy to possess.

And remember, this is just a game, so don’t take the question or the responses too seriously!