I’m attempting to start a holiday tradition of having a post dedicated on the site for providing gift ideas for men. I wanted to get started early because I know how lazy I am and how easily said post would never see the light of day. In my image search for some cool tees that may be on sale due to the winter season and all, I came across a pic of an okay looking t-shirt. As I clicked on the page to view the shirt and I was somewhat taken aback by the description…

“Maple Leaf Hetero Guy Fit”


Really with this shit? “Hetero Fit” was actually listed a couple of times as descriptors for tees. Are gay bodies different than hetero bodies? Of course there is no way in hell I would buy a fucking t-shirt for $275.00 or suggest it as a gift idea for any one; nonetheless the description of the shit, I mean the shirt kinda annoyed me. When I went to the DSQUARED2 website, the shirt was not listed as such. This made me think some queen decided it would be tongue-in-cheek to label clothing as “Hetero?” Was this code for the queers to suggest, “hey if you wear this you would like more masculine; therefore more normal?”

No big deal. Obviously these descriptions raised an eyebrow or two because as of this posting, they have been changed to something that makes some damn sense. Still…fuck these prices.


Maybe I will start a new category here at Cypher Avenue for life’s everyday fuckeries called…Really With This Shit?