Even though they are 1-1, it seems like the Oakland Raiders may have turned a corner.  Will they finally have a decent or dare I say winning season?  The Dolphins, Chiefs, Broncos, Texans, and Patriots so far are 2-2.  I must say I will never root for the New England Patriots, not because I dislike the players but because I can’t stand their cheating @$$hole coach Bill Belichick.  

Some of Week 2’s stand out players were;

Michael Vick  PHI Michael Vick of Philadelphia who lost against San Diageo 30-33; however passed for 428 yards.

DeSean Jackson  PHI DeSean Jackson of Philadelphia who lost against San Diageo; however had 193 yards receiving.

James Starks  GB James Starks of Green Bay (who won against Washington) had 132 rushing yards.

Julio Jones  ATL Julio Jones of the Atlanta  (beat Saint Louis) had 182 yards receiving.