Oh this is a good one!

So you’re on the prowl on Grinder looking for a “no strings attached” hookup session.  You find a candidate; go over to his home to release some sexual tension. Things begin to get hot and heavy. You two perform oral sex and engage in protected anal sex.

A couple of days later you tell one of your close friends about the encounter and you discover your close friend is aware of the gentleman you had your sexual encounter with.  Not only that, your friend tells you this man is HIV positive.  
Even though you two practiced protected anal sex, you did not practice protected oral sex.  You confront your Grinder hookup and he confesses that; YES he is HIV positive.

PictureThis is a real life situation that happened between Nick Rhoades (pictured) and Adam Plendl. Once Adam found out he contacted police and Nick was arrested for criminal transmission of HIV a class B felony in Iowa, where the encounter occurred.

In a previous post we discussed, even though the chances are slim to none; HIV can still be spread via oral sex.

Multiple test have proven that Adam was not infected from the encounter but he said Nick should have disclosed his status and given him a choice whether or not the two should have had unprotected oral sex. Nick is a now registered sex offender and faces a statutory maximum sentence of 25 years in prison under Iowa law (you can read the details about the case here).

The Questions are…

-What would you do if you were in Adam’s position?
-Is 25 years in prison to harsh?
-If or when should someone disclose their HIV status?