Sorry That You’re Tired Of Hearing About Masculinity – NOT!

It’s no secret that the creators of Cypher Avenue are two men who are proud of our maleness and our homosexuality. It seems like some followers and non-followers are tired of us beating the drums of masculinity; or at least tired of us talking about it. It should be understood that CA gets new viewers and followers every day. For many of them, the point of views and tone of Cypher Avenue is a refreshingly new and unique experience.

The overwhelming majority of popular mainstream gay websites celebrate femininity and gender non-conformity and why not? The internet has more than enough space. Gays rightfully should be as free and fabulous as they want to be within the homes and cities they’ve built within Cyberspace. Not only do they have their spaces, they proudly and vehemently promote and defend their spaces. Good for them. The thing is that virtual “space” has a real world counterpart. The Gay Gatekeepers’ ideals and way of life (gay lifestyle) dominate almost every facet of the LGBT community. Where does that leave the outsiders, the fringe, or the masculine homosexual men who don’t necessarily relate to the mainstream LGBT establishment?

The majority of the time within the LGBT establishment our different points of view are not welcomed at the gay table. We eat lunch at the proverbial “not-cool-nerd” table. Our masculinity is usually only called upon when objectification and props are needed; like nerds being beckoned so answers can be copied from their test papers.  Well at least two guys decided to stop complaining and take action. We took our aggressive opinions, our creativity and our spare time to create a space for like-minded homosexual gents to rest their hats.

As Cypher Avenue increases in popularity, we’re being challenged and mocked by some in the Gatekeeper community for our lack of feminine inclusion and lack of men of non-color. It seems the citizens that occupy 99% of the online gay real estate are not satisfied with their possessions. They’re being greedy and want more. They have accused Cypher Avenue harboring M.O.M.D’s; Masculine Opinions of Mass Destruction. The have attempted to launch preemptive drone strikes to force inclusion. Fortunately our missile defense systems are updated and operational. 

Can you imagine men creating blog posts, Facebook groups, submitting Twitter comments and Huffington Post articles about how Cosmopolitan, Allure or Essence magazines need to be less feminine and include more male centric articles? Stating they should stop talking about female interests like beauty, cosmetic tips and what cocktail dress to wear; all because they are excluding men? We would think it at least odd, disrespectful and misogynist to the point of Feminist Blasphemy! As if women are not allowed to have a space just for them…the audacity.

Surprisingly, that is similar to the reaction and treatment Cypher Avenue receives from many of the gay populace Queer Studies elites. There are a handful of articles out there on mainstream sites the call us out by name. When we requested an opportunity for rebuttal on these mainstream sites, we were denied. Where’s the balance and inclusion? When the opportunity for discourse is available, our words, thoughts, opinions and links are deleted, blocked or banned. Yeah, you gotta love inclusion.

Countless Facebook and blog posts; Twitter back and fourths and message board conversations all because we created our own space that’s not a mouth piece for the mainstream gay lifestyle. Complaints about how we’re not all encompassing or a safe space for effeminate men and transgenders and that we talk about and obsess over masculinity too much. We’re patriarchal misogynist. Well fortunately for Cypher Avenue, no one is entitled to everything. They can have their opinions but for some reason we are not allowed to express our masculine leaning opinions, within our masculine space on the World Wide Web.

Cypher Avenue exists because The Gay Gatekeepers marginalized us. We escaped their feminine plantation and headed north. Once there, we hopped a plane and headed to a distant uninhabited island to call home. Here we took off our shoes, unfastened our belt buckles and unleashed our swag. Here, we can talk about the things no one else will talk about, without interference from male neo-feminists. In the middle of this island we built a Discreet City where like-minded men and the men, who love us, can lay down stakes for good, or simply visit for a little while. Cypher Avenue runs through the heart of Discreet City and its here that the founders (The Twin Kings) rule.

There is such a strong opposition to the idea of masculinity. The Gatekeepers scoff at the notion that masculinity can even exists in the biological sense. For the Gatekeepers, it’s all “Socialized”. Masculinity exists only because its taught and the push is on to blur the gender lines. It reminds me of a comment on a message board that I came across:

“Any innate traits of males and females are immediately dismissed. Assertiveness, independence, aggression, competition, hierarchy, physicality, boldness, and courage are manly virtues. To the feminasties those traits are what’s wrong with everything in the world and yet paradoxically they want women to act more like men, and men to act more like women.”

Masculinity should not be eradicated or defused. It should be celebrated and cherished. It exists as a part of the male aura. Cypher Avenue will continue to beat the drums of homosexual male masculinity and will be unapologetic in doing so. If you don’t like our tribe or our homo island, don’t worry, there is a whole gay world out there for you to enjoy.