If you don’t know by now (unless you’ve been under a rock) Indianapolis Colts safety LaRon Landry has been suspended due to testing positive for performance enhancing drugs (PEDs)….yawn.

I feel somewhat the complete opposite than the rest of the ill-informed, partially pharmaceutical funded media and the sheeple when it comes to PEDs. Who cares more than 500,000 Americans die per year from alcohol, nicotine, over the counter and prescription medications as compared to the possible handful of related steroid deaths per year? I’ve hinted before how I feel about naysayers and steroid use. I digress.

Landry who has previously played for the Redskins and New York Jets has a month to sit on the sidelines, cleanse his system out and ponder life due to his four game suspension. I was thinking of the possible things he could do to utilize his time wisely. Such as;

  • Become an underwear model
  • Try out for WWE
  • Become an underwear model
  • Take more selfies and upload them to Instagram
  • Start a Youtube fitness channel
  • Come out with an album of him playing the Pan flute
  • Let me lay on his back

These of course are just suggestions. Check out the pics below and feel free to offer up your own ideas.



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