Walking in New York City as a Homosexual 

Hidden camera style exposés like Dateline NBC’s To Catch A Predator and ABCs What Would You Do have been around for years. These shows attempt to capture real life wrong doings, racism, sexism, hypocrisy etc. unbiased and unfiltered. Advancements in technology now means anyone with…

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T-Pain Speaks Hilarious Truths About Frank Ocean & Homophobic Rappers 

This recent DJ Vlad interview with Hip Hop singer T-Pain about homosexuality was too good to resist though. Its short but full of hilarious truths that we have been saying for years now. In addition to talking about straight black men who “don’t got no bitches” thinking that every gay man wants them, T-Pain speaks on the Hip Hop community’s distancing from Frank Ocean since his dramatic coming out Tumblr letter back in 2012.


ON THE STREET: Homosexuality In Africa 

As you know Cypher Avenue is constantly searching the web for interesting subject matter to share with our audience. We came across a video produced by TVC News out of Africa. The video features candid commentary from everyday Africans and their attitudes towards homosexuality. What makes this refreshing is that it is not the usual African video from Uganda filled with hateful speech, outrage, and anger over homosexuality.

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Tyler Perry Called Out For Homophobia 

Freelance Journalist Gerren Keith Gaynor has written a detailed and hard-hitting opinion essay for Ebony.com that digs into the homophobia in Tyler Perry’s new soap opera, The Haves and the Have Nots. Pretty scathing and accurate criticism. I doubt it will change anything though.

I could care less about Tyler Perry really. Perry makes millions off of perpetuating stereotypes and now black gay men are included into that bunch. No surprise there.