DWade Pimp Suit

So I’m probably one of few people whose feeling NBA star Dwyane Wade and his pimp suit onesie.

Wade has worn some questionable outfits and accessories in the past but imma give a brotha props on this one. The royal blue blazer gives a nice contrast to the black jumpsuit. The gold chain, watch, button and the gold trim on his loafers tie everything together. I feel ya playa.

After Wade posted the pic from his Esquire shoot on Instagram, the internet freaked out. Some likened Wade to MC Hammer, a magician about to pull a rabbit from somewhere; while others said he was channeling Zoolander. Would I wear this myself…HELL NO. Nonetheless Wade (and the designer of this onesie) is doing something his publicist and the Miami Heat couldn’t do in the NBA off season; and that is have the world speaking his name.

For me, the stylish jumpsuit was inspired by the 70’s, Blaxploitation and the slicked-out-pimp Super Fly-esque fashions of that era. I submit the below photos as proof.

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What do you think of D Wade’s Onesie Jumpsuit?

 Dwayne Wade's Onsie Pimp Suit