shave head

How do you get ready for a date? I think it goes without saying that a shower or possible shave is obvious, but what are some quirkier, or out of the box things you personally do to get yourself ready for a date?

For example, I think it may be helpful to give yourself a quick pulse check to determine your confidence or ‘internal sexiness factor’.

Do you have certain ‘date’ cologne you wear? If you’re planning on getting lucky, do you wear certain underwear or perhaps trim your armpits, chest or pubic hairs?


Personally when I’ve wanted to focus on dating and not just ‘hooking up’, I would masturbate beforehand so my lustful libido would be temporarily depleted.

I’ve also given myself ‘pep talks’ before I’ve left the house and in route to the date location, telling myself that, “no matter what, I will have a good time and enjoy my night, regardless of how the date goes.”

Meaning even if the date is not a love connection, I would still make it a point to enjoy my evening even after the date is over; just enjoying a solo night on the town.

It seems the gay dating landscape has a multitude of dating explosive mines on the field that have been planted. What are some of things you do to get ready for a date?