I wouldn’t call season one of Tyson Anthony’s soft core porn web series “Honest Men” boring per se…but I also wouldn’t call it an entertaining binge watch. Unless you just want to have it muted in the background for the eye candy and sex scenes.

This is where the state of Black Gay Web Series lies. In the age of Black Panther, Get Out and Donald Glover’s Atlanta, Black Gay filmmakers still seem to only want to wade in the pool of melodramatic erotica.

As I watched the first season (on repeated attempts) I was confused by its disjointed storyline following various perpetually semi-nude gay & bisexual men either brooding or having simulate sex. If someone told me that these series were produced back sister company called “Breed It Raw Scripted,” I wouldn’t be surprised at all.

It’s not all bad, though. At least Tyson Anthony appears to be trying something different. While I may not understand what’s going on with the “story” half the time, at least his series isn’t just reimagining the same “four gay friends living and dating in Atlanta” or “young gay boy falling for confident masculine man” storylines.


I’ve ranted about this ad nauseam about this topic.

This is what the Black Gay Audience appears to want, so artists like Tyson Anthony gives it to them.

Season Two of “Honest Men” starring Tripp Ali and at least 8 other shirtless Black Men is now available on TysonPlus.com.


Honest Men Season 2 returns stronger than ever. It’s time we rejoin one of the most talented casts in web series history in the suburbs. King David, Donta Hensley, Gary Lavard, and Tripp Ali all return to bring you some very honest storytelling. They’re also joined by Chris Deloatch and America’s Top Model Cory Wade who steps off the runway for the first time into the world of web series. This season all is exposed in front and behind the camera.