For all those interested, here is the original 22 minute pilot episode of George Smith Hill’s That Life: Atlanta. This is the full version of the 2011 version of the show with the older cast. So I guess this would be documenting the first of the three times that George has moved to Atlanta from Texas…Or maybe he never lived in Texas and everything has been scripted for the show’s benefit…I’m not quite sure. Previously, only the infamous trailer was available from this pilot, now we get to see the entire episode. I’m not sure how long this will be available on YouTube, so you better watch it as soon as possible if you’re interested.

 Given that Cypher Avenue’s most commented on article ever is the posting about the 2013 version of Tha Life Atlanta, I felt readers might be interested in seeing where it started.

I will say its interesting to see the differences in story and quality. Seeing this version makes me appreciate the REMAKE even more as it demonstrates what more effort and money can achieve. I guess all of these men would classify as “Inbetween” (they damn sure ain’t masculine). It is what it is, but the 2013 version definitely shows more diversity at the least (masculine, effeminate, other). The new version is a masterpiece compared to this. So props to George for taking the feedback/criticism and making the necessary changes for the better.

We hear that George is Re-Casting the show AGAIN for a third Pilot to pitch to networks…

Should he blend elements of the two or should he start from Scratch?

What are your thoughts? Which Version do you  prefer?