For Throwback Thursday we revisit one of our first short films we featured on the site (over 7 years ago) which happens to also be one of our favorites exploring the act of ‘hooking-up’. I remember when I first watched the short and the feeling of tension and empathy I felt for both characters. When describing the short, site co-founder Nick Delmacy stated:

“…the short film “SLOW” gives viewers a (somewhat) realistic view of an “online hookup” between (somewhat) masculine men. Crazy Dope cinematography and believable acting give this an authentic “fly on the wall” feel that made me almost uncomfortable watching. Even more impressive is that this film was shot with NO BUDGET in the director’s own apartment. He negates any excuse other filmmakers have about the shortcomings of their own independent films. DISCLAIMER: The short features some nudity so it’s technically NSFW.”

Check out short below. 

SLOW from Darius Clark Monroe on Vimeo.