Laurence Fishburne became a scifi legend once put on those iconic Morpheus sunglasses and leather trench coat in the 1999 classic The Matrix. Not to mention that we saw him perform a little martial arts and Shaw Brothers style wire-work. How much more bad-ass does one need to be. I actually liked the subsequent convoluted sequels that followed this first film, but many others disagreed. Either way, Fishburne’s Morpheus is legendary.





Even as a Bible thumping blind man Denzel Washington proves to be a bad motherfracker. This was clear as day in the 2010 scifi film The Book of Eli where Denzel kicks ass and takes names…repeatedly. It says a lot when a man like Denzel can be pushing 60 years old and STILL have the immense sex appeal and charisma of a man half his age.




“Dillion! You Son of a Bitch!” These are the words that Arnold Schwarzenegger says when he first sees the “98% muscle – 2% mustache” sexy blackness that is Carl Weathers. Immediately after, they clasp hands in a sweaty, bulging arm wrestle struggle that set the tone for the rest of the movie, we knew this was going to be a scifi film for MEN. As the team assembled hunted for the Predator throughout the jungle, Weathers’ character Dillon eventually proved just how strong his muscular arms were, even when they were severed from his body!






With the third (and hopefully final) Riddick film being released September 6th 2013, Vin Diesel definitely places high on this list. In the first film Pitch Black we were introduced to the tough character who could see in the dark as he fought off alien creatures. In the second film The Chronicles of Riddick he fights…um..some kind of army or…you know what I don’t remember and it doesn’t really matter because that film was a mess. He even had an animated film based on the character made called Dark Fury, that’s also kind of crazy. All that matters is I remember Vin Diesel said way back in 2000 that it was his dream to have the Riddick character in a trilogy of movies and here it is, 13 years later, and he made it happen. That’s Bad Ass.





Number One! Yeah, its The Rock aka Dwayne Johnson. Is there any Sexy Bad-Ass Motherfracker list where he doesn’t end up Number One on? I think not. Although the 2005 scifi/horror film Doom is not the best or most coherent video game adaptation ever made, Johnson still does a great job in shifting from commanding leader to demonic boss-level Doom creature by the film’s end. Also, I’m afriad that if I didn’t give the number one spot to The Rock he would swiftly kick my ass! I mean, look at him!

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