Michael Sabbie was a 35-year-old stay-at-home father of four. Every school day he packed his kids’ lunches, drove them to and from school, and carted them around to their after-school activities. He wrote a Facebook post thanking God for his kids just hours before his arrest. He was arrested after his wife said he threatened her during an argument; not assaulted, not abused but threatened.

Walter Scott was a 50-year-old forklift operator, studying massage therapy. Scott’s police record listed ten arrests: for contempt of court regarding failure to pay child support. In her opening statement for the prosecution, Solicitor Scarlett Wilson said Scott decided to run because he knew that once Michael Slager (the police officer on trial for his murder) ran his license, he would go to “debtors’ jail.” That’s because a warrant had been issued for Scott over unpaid child support.

Both of these men are dead today because our for profit justice system feeds off of racial gender biases and greed that disproportionately impacts men.

Listen to Ocky Williams commentary below.