Reaction: ATL Sheriff Jeff Mann Arrested for Exposing Himself

By OckyDub | Posted May 9 2017 | 10 Comments  


DeKalb County Sheriff Jeffrey Mann was charged with two misdemeanors after an Atlanta police officer said the sheriff exposed himself and then attempted to evade arrest.

Reports states Mann exposed his penis while walking in the direction of a police officer. Sheriff Mann fled, leading the officer on a quarter-mile run before finally giving up. Mann has been with the Dekalb county sheriff office since 2001 and vows to clear his name.

Check out my commentary below.

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Octavius is a founder and editor of Cypher Avenue. He's here to help speak for us and show the world that masculine gay / bisexual men of color are not a part of the stereotypical gay normal that is seen and fed to the masses. No...we are a distinct breed, filled with character and pride. Cypher Avenue is here to show the world how we are different.

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  1. hannibal
    hannibal | May 9th, 2017

    OMG, no lie…when I saw this the other day I literally thought of Ocky when he was talking about flashing down cops at the cruise park with his car.

  2. ColumbusGuy
    ColumbusGuy | May 10th, 2017

    I am assuming he exposed himself to a police officer not realizing it was an actual police officer? Otherwise..WTF he needs help!

    Isn't Atlanta in Fulton County? Where is Dekalb County…and adjacent suburban county?

  3. Dreamwalker
    Dreamwalker | May 10th, 2017

    WTF. It's 2017 and Donald Trump is President. A simple Facebook post or tweet of a rainbow flag and he'd be set for the next 4 years….right???

  4. Rico
    Rico | May 10th, 2017

    Well, I don't know how well the guy is loved/hated in Ock's neck of the woods so I'm not sure if there is southern schadenfreude or not. Obviously I co-sign with @Ockydub closing comments on church and black straight hypocrites (checked out that out of wedlock birth rate lately?). And as Ock described the chase, I heard "Yakety Sax"/Benny Hill theme playing in my head 🙁

    But when someone in such a public and public safety position pulls a Larry Craig, I have to wonder what the psychological motivation is? He was in a govt vehicle, not private, which raises some mental red flags, like subconsciously he flirted with being caught. I'll have to ask one of my dudes who is an openly gay black therapist (he pointed out the Dennis Hastert shit to me way before the media knew what was going on). There's something sad in this guy's life and psych that he feels he has to cruise like it's 1979 (cue Smokey Robinson), rather than be a real life version of Andre Braugher's character on Brooklyn 99.

    Law enforcement is a HIGHLY homophobic profession, so on one hand I can see if a dude his age is not open or feels that he can't be open. Apps are out of the question for personal safety reasons. Did he not find the right social circles and outlets in his sexual development and orientation?

    What is the population of voters in his county? White republicans, black church folk? DL is dangerous in his profession, not just because of this incident, but potential blackmail/extortion from political rivals, criminal elements, bfs and hookups. And because I work in public safety, I wonder if there was some entrapment, as well, from other cops/deputies who had it in for him, knew his proclivities and decided to "get him"?

  5. OckyDub
    Ockydub | May 10th, 2017


  6. Dreamwalker
    Dreamwalker | May 10th, 2017

    Apps aren't illegal. Public Lewdness is. At some point, there has to be some collective maturity in the gay community. As for the Bible Thumpers….

  7. Jeremy Carter Powell
    Jeremy Carter Powell | May 10th, 2017

    lol this is pure gold. this fool knew exactly what the hell he was doing and had probably done it before without getting caught. this is exactly what the hell he deserves! there aren't many, if any, excuses one could give him that would make this forgivable in my eyes.

  8. ColumbusGuy
    ColumbusGuy | May 10th, 2017

    I knew this…I don't know why I even posted that smh. I did not listen to it yet either… will now.

    *it was posted at 1am, I will use that as an excuse lol.

    *ok I listened. Good commentary, funny description. Yeah there is a hypocrisy about this issue-after OSU games the nearby parks have had all kinds of straight sex going on…nothing happens. Yet they set traps for gays. I really do hope that cop had a body cam to capture the chase and all though lol.

    something not mentioned…it can be very dangerous to cruise in parks. I knew someone who was killed while cruising in Franklin Park here in Cbus.

  9. Sean
    Sean | May 10th, 2017

    What I have to say is quite fitting for the region and the issue at hand: bless his heart.

  10. ControlledXaos
    ControlledXaos | May 13th, 2017

    While there's plenty of others outlets that he could have chosen, I think part of the allure for cruising in a park is the potential of getting caught. That always has to be in the back of someones mind but people have to decide if the risk is worth the reward.

    I think being in the public eye, apps are a no go because people love to screen shot. However there's other ways he could enjoy the company of other like minded men where discretion would have been welcomed. However that may not have been the same as the park experience.

    I am not going to judge this man over this. While I have not cruised a park myself, he basically is just doing something that men have done for years. He just got caught. Most gay men have done at least one sketchy thing or gone through a hoe phase or 5. So who are me? Who are me… TO JUDGE?

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