Donald Glover

Donald Glover (aka Childish Gambino) posted a revealing yet depressing letter on Instagram yesterday where he touched on his decision to leave NBC’s Community, his delayed new album, his life, his fears and a whole lot of raw emotion. Written on 7 sheets of Residence Inn notepad, the letter feels like the last journal entry found after a man chooses to end his own life.

Its hard to tell how much of this is artsy Frank Ocean-like theater and how much of it is true confession. Glover has always been a self proclaimed weirdo, so this prose fell in line with what we already know about the young man. One could ask, if this were a true confession, why post it to Instagram of all places? Is this the new millennial way to get frustrations off of your chest in loo of expensive therapy?

The reason that I suggest Glover should be on suicide watch is this series of confessions through social media seemed eerily familiar to young rapper Freddy E using Twitter to confess his raw emotional state shortly before putting a shotgun to his face and pulling the trigger.

Either way, we hope everything works out for Donald Glover’s mental well being. He’s a talented inspirational individual with a lot of potential and promise.

(Side-note: The second sheet of notepad could easily apply to a gay man dealing with his sexuality)