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Typically, I’m not a huge fan of prank videos…Especially the ones that seem cruel to working people and strangers minding their own business. This one, on the other hand, was actually a pretty interesting social experiment showing that sometimes being direct is the best way to go.

In this prank video, the team from the YouTube channel Whatever sends a handsome man out to randomly ask men on the street if they would like to go exchange numbers to go out on a date. The reactions are both hilarious and surprising.

Most gently men turned the prankster down, chuckling in the process…but quite a few (attractive) men seemed cool with going out on a date…even after saying they weren’t gay but didn’t mind at least exchanging numbers. How cool is that?

The climate of how average people perceive homosexuality has changed a lot, even just in the last 5-10 years. In certain parts of the country, its become somewhat against social protocol to get overly offended by or violent towards gay people. Keep in mind I said “certain parts of the country.”

This video was filmed in Los Angeles where there is a large gay community. Hell there are entire sidewalks in West Hollywood that are painted the Gay Flag colors. Every time I visited LA, there was never a sit down restaurant that didn’t have a gay waiter. So this city was a “safe place” for this prank.

Having said that, I wondered if the reactions would be the same in cities like Atlanta, New York or DC.

If I went down to one of the more public or gay friendly areas of Atlanta, could I luck out and actually make a connection with a handsome man? Even for just a new friendship? What;s the harm? If he says no, you move on and likely never see him again in your life…

Admittedly, it probably helps if you’re a handsome guy like the man in this video, lol.

How about you, would you have the courage to do this in your city or a gay friendly place you visited?

If a guy discreetly  approached you in public, would you exchange numbers?

Guy Picking Up Guys

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