It shouldn’t be a secret that the creators of Cypher Avenue hate AMC’s Walking Dead .  For us the last season was just horrible. The dull acting, plot holes, boring characters…blah, blah, blah. Compared to shows like the awesome Breaking Bad or Game of Thrones , WD doesn’t hold water.  The trailer for the new season does look promising but Walking Dead has deceived me before…those bastards.

WD doesn’t need my approval.  With a loyal cult following of Kool Aid drinking fans, who cares about my opinion.  At the end of the day WD will still win because I am sure my dumb ass will end up watching the new season…perhaps.  I did get sick and tired of Lostand never finished the series.

To build anticipation for their new season WD director Greg Nicotero has dropped a 3 part webisode titled The OathThe Oath is a prequel to the TV show that tells the story Karina and Paul as they flee a camp overrun by zombies.  Check out the 3 webisodes below and be sure to check out season 4 of Walking Dead premiering October 13 on AMC.

Feel free to leave your comments about Walking Dead and tell us if you think the show is a stud or a dud.