_Your New Year’s Resolutions – Are you still on Track?

I purposely waited to do this post because a couple of things have already happened since making your resolutions for 2012.  Either you are still commented to your goals or you have already quit or fallen short.

A recent study found that 22% of people give up on their resolution in the first weekand by the end of March more than 50% will have completely quit their resolutions.

The most popular resolutions are, stop smoking, saving money and of course losing weight.

I think the reason some of us fall of the bandwagon is because we either don’t set proper or realistic goals and we don’t perhaps take into consideration the level of discipline or will power it will take to accomplish our resolutions.


Picture We need to make sure we set realistic measurable goals for our resolutions.

For example, if your goal is to save money; set a realistic dollar amount that is comparable to your budget and finances. Meaning if you bring home $2000 a month, don’t expect to save $300 a month when your monthly expenses are $1800.

Now if your income is $2000 and you want to save $300, figure out how much of your monthly expenses you will be able to cut out to reach your $300 mark.  This is where discipline and will power will come in.  Are you willing to pack a lunch and forgo eating out or drinking less?  Are you willing to cut down on your cable subscriptions, movie and porn rentals, going out, etc to meet your financial goals?

Part of that same mental formula can also be applied when attempting to lose weight or get in shape.  Setting realistic measurable goals along with having discipline or mental will power to reach your goal.

I will go into a lot more detail on the subject of getting into shape in the next post… 


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