Arriving in 2014: The Cadillac ELR

By G Andre | Posted Jul 24 2013 | 12 Comments  
Surely with all the talk about the new Stingray, we completely forgot about this; We should all be ashamed!
Just imagine if you would, a car built by a luxury automobile manufacturer that is part hybrid and part conventional.  It rides on a platform that is almost compact in size, yet is one of the best balanced cars on the road.  It far outclasses any other hybrid on the road today due to its technology and propulsion system. 
A car that has been selected as the Motor Trend Car of the Year and the European Car of the year…Enthusiast revolted! This is the very same platform and propulsion system that operates the Chevrolet Volt that is now running in the all new and long awaited Cadillac ELR. Remember when GM used to make it a habit of introducing a “Hott Ass Concept”, and then watering down the final product so much that it was another vehicle altogether.
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“We don’t want to offend anybody”.  Those were some of the words most often said by the Old GM brass.  Man, did they make me sick.  Why even build a great concept and then build a different production model.  What a great opportunity for them to shine and stand out but what a damn disappointment. Thank God that old ass board, and the old ass way of thinking has been thrown out of the ballpark at General Motors as we welcome their new efforts.
As anyone can see, there is quite an effort here to stay true to the hard work put into the concept, as shown here by the 2009 Cadillac Converj (pictured below).  They even stayed true to the 20″ rims and tires that actually take this baby to another level.