6 Rules To Being A Good Gay Roommate 

Whether you are a gay man living in a populated place or a small city there are a few rules to follow when sharing a living space with another gay man. Understanding these rules can make your living arrangement either a blissful experience or a nightmare from hell that could cost you financially.

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Top 15 Reasons You ARE NOT Relationship Material 

Do single gay men want long term relationships or are they just in love with the idea having one? Are men just captivated with the concept of the fantasy man that will come and fulfill their dreams? When gay men say out loud “long term relationship” do they really mean “non-committed companionship”? Well let’s just say it’s the former and not the latter, the problem is many men don’t realize they’re not ready and are not relationship material. Could this be you?


Words of Wisdom from Lupe Fiasco 

We here at Cypher Avenue may seem totally confident and secure in our articles and podcasts but we have just as many insecurities and life drama as the next man. We fuck up and make mistakes on a daily basis. We self evaluate and then contradict our previously held positions constantly. We’re evolving, hopefully in a good way.

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STEP YOUR GAME UP:10 Essential Marketing Tips for Indie Artists, Event Organizers and Content Creators 

Cypher Avenue has become one of the most visited websites created by & for particular men of color in the country…with that growing popularity comes a platform to help independent artists (like ourselves) gain exposure. In the last year we’ve received many-many-many requests from artists, event organizers and content creators to feature them or their work on our website…through Twitter.