Ocky: Forgive me father for I have sinned.

Father Johnson: How long has it been since your last confession?

Ocky: *laughs under breath*…um Neverary 2015.

Father Johnson: Better late than never my son.

Ocky: Shole is.

Father Johnson: What brings you to confessional my son?

Ocky: Well, today I was in the gym locker room after I finished my work out and had lustful thoughts.

Father Johnson: What caused this?

Ocky: There was an older Black dude; I’m assuming over 50 and I had…thoughts about him.

Father Johnson: Go on.

Ocky: You see father; I’ve been in a committed monogamous relationship with my ole’ dude for over 8 years. I would never break that bond but today; I saw an older nude dark skinned man in the locker room that made me sin.

Father Johnson: How so?

Ocky: Well, I was impressed that for his age, he really had an impressive physique and an equally impressive nether region. I’m not one to stare or over exert my gaze but I did gather an abundance of visual stimulation.

Father Johnson: How did you come to see him nude?

Ocky: Well, I had just come into the locker room after a good work out. I usually go to my locker and put away my work out gloves before washing my hands.

As I turned the corner I saw him walking from the shower area with his towel draped over his shoulder…his stuff was just ‘floppin’ against his thighs as he walked. I went to my locker to put away my gloves and he came to his locker which was only a few feet from mine. As I turned around and gave a head nod…he was like…

Father Johnson: Can you describe him in more detail my son…and go slowly.

Ocky: Um sure…

He had a bald head, was about 5 ft 8’ and around 185 to 190 pounds. Muscular torso. Compact mid section. Thick thighs with a round ass. He had a goatee with silver hairs. He also had silver in his nappy chest and pubic hairs. His body was glistening with water beads due to him having just come from the shower.

I then went to go use the bathroom, wash my hands and fill my water container. I took my time because I’m always respectful of other’s space. Being that his locker was very close to mine; I wanted to give him time to at least put his underwear on….but my time away didn’t suffice.

Father Johnson: Oh, how so?

Ocky: Because when I turned the corner to the area where our lockers were located, he was still nude, rubbing lotion on himself and was taking extra care to moisturize his groin area. Gotdamn!

Father Johnson: Excuse me?

Ocky: Sorry Father. I hastily gathered my things and felt a bit embarrassed and angry that he forced me to look back at him as I walked away.

I thought about him as I left the locker room and all the way to my truck in the parking lot. I sat in the driver’s seat and just stared and began to have feverous un-pure thoughts.  

Father Johnson: Like what my son and again go slowly with details.

Ocky: Huh? Ok, sure. Like I begin to envision myself rubbing him down with oil. I thought about standing behind him with my erect penis nestled between his buttocks like a carnival hot-dog and I’m teasing his nipples, while I kiss his neck. I then began to think about him performing anilingus on my brown eye. As I sat in the driver’s seat fantasizing…um things began to happen Father.

Father you there?

Father Johnson: *clears throat* Yes my son, go on.

Ocky: Hmph; you sound like you moist over there? But anyways, I would never cheat on my partner but what should I do about these here bountiful lustful thoughts?

Father Johnson: Say 15 Hail Michael Sams, read 4 chapters from the book of Frank Ocean and 2 chapters from the book of Odell Beckham Jr and you will be absolved of all your sins. 

Father Johnson: Now get outta here you little scamp.

Ocky: Thanks Father Johnson!