Starter Kit

A very similar pic to the one above was posted within a social media group I subscribe to. My first reaction was YUCK, is this a power bottom gay pride sex kit? Then I thought, “You know what? These rolling condoms over bananas demonstrations and sex-ed videos are obviously not lowering the spread of HIV and other STIs among homo/bi men of color. If there is a better or non-traditional way of education and pushing safe or safer sex…what’s wrong with that?”

in tail pipe

Now putting my internal biases and prudeness in check, I know my initial “yuck” response was due to my sensitivity to homosexual and gay stereotypes in media.

The gentleman who took the source material pic and posted it on social media; is projecting a level of maturity, responsibility, precaution and safety that men who have sex with men should live by. These tools are essential. Fuck this holier than thou mindset and admit that either we all do OR should have these tools in our collective tool boxes.

Original pic that was posted to social media.
Original pic that was posted to social media.


Regardless of sexual position, shouldn’t we all have some (primarily condoms) of these instruments in our night stands, medicine cabinets or under our sinks? I mean we’re talking about our sexual and mental health as men. It’s real in these streets and under these sheets.

What do you think?