Since its only January there is technically still time to begin even more new starts and resolutions now that the 21st Century has officially entered its teenage years. When it comes to dating, many of us need a firm kick in the ass to finally follow common sense advice to avoid more frustration and heartache. Even I’m guilty of falling into the same old traps and ignoring blatant Red Flags telling me that I’m wasting my time.So to help us all in 2013, I’ve compiled the Top 50 Quick Dating Tips I could think of in regards to dating and relationships with men. Many of these tips are pretty obvious but sometimes we need a big, bold reminder of what we need to do in the future. Consider this your reference guide for what to do when you meet a new guy that’s being inconsistent or not texting back fast enough. Feel free to add your own quick dating tips for fellow readers in the comments section!

1. If you don’t believe in yourself, why should he?
No matter what your hangups and insecurities are, getting over them should be priority over finding a man. Work on yourself, don’t look for a boyfriend to fix all of your problems.

2. No expectations = No disappointments
When we meet new guys that we dig, it’s natural to begin creating fantasies of how the experience will pan out. From the dates you’ll go on, the amazing sex you’ll have or the eventual relationship, stop imagining what you hope will happen and you’ll see that you’ll instantly be disappointed less often.

3. Be yourself, let the rest follow
At the end of it all, if a man can’t accept you for who you are, do you really want to be with him in the long term? While this doesn’t mean you should just put it all out there, just don’t pretend to be someone you’re not in order to impress him.

4. At least 40% of the fine men in the world are getting away with BAD SEX just because of the way they look.
The number is probably higher than this but it’s at least 40% nonetheless. It’s sad the number of sexy men that I’ve dated who were bores in bed. They either just laid there silent or they didn’t know how to perform even the most basic of sexual duties. This made me wonder if my sex was poor but each time after I was told how much I “put it down.” So I kept “putting it down,” not out of mutual satisfaction but just for the fact that their good looks kept me aroused for intercourse. This is an unspoken truth. If this applies to you, step your game up. Sex is a team sport!


5. Confidence goes a LONG way.
Seriously. From the initial approach to the end of dates and conversations, displaying that you’re secure with yourself is attractive to others. This doesn’t mean being arrogant, just show that no matter how the dating situation turns out, you’re good, not thirsty.

6. The first date is one big interview; don’t let him assume that he already has the job. 
If he thinks he’s already winning from the start, you’ll not only give him control over you, but you’ll also eliminate the “thrill” from the chase. In the beginning, you both should be working to win over the other’s affection.

7. Go Dutch for all dates in the beginning. If you pay for everything, he’ll come to expect it.
The world is filled with men trying to buy the affection of others. Very seldom does this actually work. When you go Dutch for dates making him pay for his share of the meal/drinks/movie/etc, it shows that he’s willing to put his money where his mouth is when he says that he wants to spend time with you.

8. Breaking a date at the last minute is a RED FLAG!
No matter if there is a very good reason for the planned date being broken; standing someone up at the last minute is a big red flag. If anything, it shows that his life is disorganized and too chaotic for dating, let alone a relationship.

9. Two broken dates = Delete The Number
After the second time being stood up, that’s a wrap. Delete his number from your phone immediately. If you don’t, you’ll be tempted to give him yet another chance. Real men make time for things they really want to do. He wouldn’t just miss work twice because it’s a priority to him. Same applies to dating.

10. Don’t EVER just say, “Let’s chill sometime.” It’s too general. When planning a date, ALWAYS give a specific day and time.
It doesn’t count as a broken date if all you said was “let’s chill this Saturday” but you never even bothered to make specific plans. If getting together was your idea, have a game plan already in mind. Think of possible places to go or things to do. Vagueness and Indecisiveness does not equal Confidence.

11. If he has time to party with his friends but not see you, MOVE ON – DELETE HIS NUMBER.
While its true that if you only just met, you are not yet a priority in his life…but that doesn’t mean that you are the last option. When he says he’s too busy to meet up but has all the time in the world for everything else, he’s telling you to move on without actually saying the words.