The December 10th 2012 edition of Jet magazine will feature it’s first black gay male couple within it’s JET LOVE section.  JET LOVE high-lights couples who have recently gotten married.

Ravi Perry (an Assistant Professor of Political Science at Mississippi State University) and Paris Prince (a licensed real estate broker and anti-discrimination compliance expert) were married in August at their home in Worcester, Massachusetts.

I like how their names together sound like a cool rap duo?

PictureThe two met while Ravi was studying for his PH. D., but Paris lived over 300 miles away.  Ravi stated the fact that Paris never complained about the six hour drive sealed the deal.

Their chemistry and love making must have been the BOMB during their dating phase.
I have driven three hours before but six?

Cypher Avenue wishes these to beautiful black men the best of luck and happy wishes!

Now that Jet has featured a gay black male couple, can we now please have a “Hunk of the Week” in conjunction with the “Beauty of the Week”?

This issue of JET also features the Kevin Clash gay sex scandal. Look for it now on news stands.