Another weekend, another city’s Gay Pride parade has passed us and the pictures are now out across news outlets and blogospheres.  Footage and pictures of what you ask?  Of families, friends, children and allies marching and lining the sidewalks while cheerfully waving rainbow flags in support.

Also in abundance is the deluge of pictures of scantily clad men in leather, boy shorts, speedos and thongs.  Overly flamboyant, men in drag costumes and make up to rival Carnival in Brazil (not really)…while gyrating to the beats of techno music or Lady Gaga’s “Born this way”.

Keep in mind the overtly sexual are not the themes of the majority of the floats or parade participants; however that doesn’t mean there is not enough of the stereotypical imagery to go around and be plastered all over media outlets.

How does being half naked and sexually salacious show pride in one’s sexual orientation? Unless your lifestyle consists of the very imagery you are displaying.  Is the purpose to show the local community and world at large that you are proud, out and open?  Or that you are horny and looking for sex?  Is this what it means to be gay and proud?

I know that heterosexuals show and celebrate their sexuality whenever they talk about their girlfriends or boyfriends, an upcoming wedding, etc. but there is something about the scandalous sexual images of some of the Gay Pride Parade participants that strike a chord with me.

I don’t try to hide that I am very perceptive and sensitive to the depictions of minorities in media; Blacks, Gays, Asians, Latinos, Mexicans, etc.Even though the topic is kind of “Gay Pride Parades”, I still have the same negative reaction when I view the Caribbean / West Indian Celebration in New York City.  Don’t get me wrong; there is nothing like celebrating, partying and pageantry.  Plenty of the women (like the men at the gay parades) are beautiful and it’s not about the black women in bikinis, head dresses and costumes as to why I bring this up.

I am holding up a flag as I get dry humped in the street…Go Pride!
I mention this celebration because of the gyrating, grinding, twerking and sexual mimickery you see of the black women during the celebration.  The constant barrage of breast and ass spilling out of clothing that is one size to small.  The public display of sexual acts and salaciousness…how is any of this showing pride in your heritage and country of origin?
You see, I don’t operate under the umbrella of “heteros and whites do it too” so what’s the being deal?   Heterosexuals are not a minority fighting for equal rights nor are White Americans.  Blacks, Gays and Black Gays are minorities fighting for equal rights and protection under the laws of our land. So I have to ask the question, how are we being viewed by the “powers that be” that make and enforce the laws and to whom we are demanding equal rights and protections. Should it matter how they view us?
YES it should because how can they really take us seriously if this is the way we conduct ourselves?In the media (post Frank Ocean, Orlando Cruz, and Jason Collins) the majority of gay men are still viewed as overly flamboyant and sexually promiscuous.  Black men (post Barack Obama and Neil deGrasse Tyson) are still viewed as hyper masculine, sexed crazed criminals who impregnate and cheat on their women. 
Also black women (post Oprah and Michelle Obama) are viewed as angry, aggressive gold diggers or over sexed baby manufactures on welfare or public assistance.So yes our images that are portrayed in media should matter to us all but we still give those in the media and the general public unnecessary fuel to further their judgments and continue the cycle of oppression.What other race or ethnic based pride celebrations or parades that exist in the US that you see the participants conduct themselves in this manner?

Community Pride and the crowd goes wild!

Show some pride on this ass!


Being honest, when it comes to situations like this, I am pessimistic.  All my life, I have been hearing “what the community needs to do is (fill in the blank)” as it seems like our moral, intellectual and ethical compass continues to spin out of control.  In my world, would my solutions work?  I don’t know.

What I do know is that for those who are already “progressive” in attitudes and mindsets, set an example.  Sometimes just by being present and persistent you can show that there is a different way of being.

For those of us who think public lewd sexual salaciousness is a way to garner attention, you correct, it is, but what type of attention are you garnering?  There are plenty of ways to gain attention other than sexualizing yourself to anyone who will look or partake.

If you have to use sex as the method to gain attention, try to examine is there something lacking within self that the sexual attention from others is so vital to your well being.

I have been seeing these stereotypical images my whole life so I doubt they will change anytime soon. Here is to wishful thinking.


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