RING UPDATE #1: No, I’m not getting married. Likely never, although I’m open to it but I love my independence.

Within the last couple months, however, I’ve started my journey on becoming an unmarried guy that wears rings as accessories. I’m an artist so I’m always looking for new ways to express myself.

I feel like two rings are okay, maybe even three…but anything more than three rings steps into pimp, con man or shady preacher territory. Especially if they’re all on one hand.

If anyone has any suggestions for rings or places to shop for them, please send them my way.

While perusing the Tiffany & Co website (for an expensive ring that I’m too cheap to actually buy), I came across this photo on their main page for Men’s Rings.

First of all, it was dope to see them unabashedly use this photoshoot image of two engaged Black gay men on the main Rings page.

And I think it goes without saying on this site (given our recent rhetoric on the topic) it was very dope to see two dark skinned Black men featured and not the default interracial couple or a racially ambiguous pair that would be considered “safe” to some of their more racist wealthy online customers.