fuax prince charming

The Logo channel has a new dating / bachelor style show, Finding Prince Charming that features a main bachelor (Price Charming Robert Sepúlveda) and a number of suitors vying for the final spot on his arm. In reality TV land, this is cool…in real life, kinda pathetic and desperate to have a group of men competing for one dude. Nonetheless, this is show business so it gets a pass. What doesn’t get a pass; the ridiculous negative stereotypes that this show promotes and the damaging messages that are reinforced about homosexual men.

For the last couple of years, the queer feminist pc all-inclusive online spaces are over saturated with blogs, vlogs, articles and essays (both on and off mainstream websites) of gays protesting the “No Fats, Fems, Blacks, Asians” dating app mantra. Yet on a cable channel that caters to this same group, we have a dating show that has no fats or Asians…and may I add no one over the age of 35.

Why this is a Problem?
It’s hypocritical and detracts from the already questionable credibility that many have with the LGBTQ community concerning conversations around certain types of supposed “shaming” and acceptance. There are no other ethnicities here outside of the Black / White dynamic. Granted the “Prince” (Robert Sepúlveda) is of Puerto Rican decent but he is still a White Latino. Indian, Arab, Asian, Pacific Islander, Indigenous American…all absent.

And where are the thick men or the bears? No I’m not talking about “gay fat” men, no I mean the thick bearish men or the fat dudes whose body types are represented, like on Logo’s other mega popular show Drag Race? These are the ones the queer PC police told us that we should stop (rightfully so) body shaming right and are just as sexy as those sporting 6 pack abs? Well, I least from what I saw in the trailer, they’re not represented here either.

Something else that I’ve noticed is the ageism in male homosexual culture. If you’re over 35 you’re sticking your tip in AARP senior citizen territory. 40 and over, and you’ve worked the length and girth all the way in. There are countless older men who are established, sexy and in the best shape of their lives who are over 40 years old. For the sake of this particular show, it kinda gets a pass due to the understanding that many people look for partners in their own age range….but this IS show business. Just like with more ethnicities, a wider variety in age could have been beneficial for gay consumption. I feel elements within gay media need to prepare young men to life after the partying and fast lifestyles.

Prince Charming Robert Sepúlveda
There is a neatly PR packaged bio for “Prince Charming” on the Logo channel; however there is also an extensive online foot print of Sepúlveda as well. After seeing the latter…WTF?

Really Logo? I mean was this some kind of casting couch decision? This was like discovering the man or woman I’m engaged to was a bukakee bareback gang bang recipient…and it’s all on film.

Not only is Robert Sepúlveda an ex-escort / prostitute, but currently there are videos of him online conducting himself in semen play, masturbation and self-anal masturbation (best term I could think of at the moment) to name a few. Couple that with the copious amount of shirtless pics posing in designer underwear and you have the makings of a narcissistic stereotypical pay-to-play gaylebrity image that infests the homosexual community.

Did they even do a background check or were they (Logo execs and Lance Bass) just simply dickmotized by Sepúlveda’s nude photos and mesmerized by his Instagram chiseled dime a dozen physique? This is the bachelor Prince Charming they decided to present to the homosexual and heterosexual masses. Sepúlveda (by Logo’s standards) represents the crème de la crème homosexual man that the other men fawn and fuss over for his affections.

Sepúlveda released a statement concerning his (cough) escort-porn past:

I think that a real Prince Charming is someone who has life experience in all aspects of life, that isn’t afraid of someone with HIV or someone who doesn’t care what you’ve done in your past. The past is the past. I was young and it helped through college,’ he said. ‘But what I want people to focus on is who I am today as an entrepreneur, as an activist.

Fair enough, but why when I Google Sepúlveda, it looks like he is allergic to shirts and pants? Why aren’t there over whelming majority of the pictures in a Google image search not of his successful business and activism?

Why this is a Problem?
By propping Sepúlveda up as the Gold Star does nothing but help exacerbate the harmful outdated clichés that homosexual men lack morals, standards, are overly promiscuous and spread disease more so than our heterosexual counterparts.  

Can we get a regular non-ex-prostitute homosexual man who doesn’t currently have pornographic videos online doing questionable things with semen, hands and bottles who isn’t an aspiring gaylebrity hoping to become a gay celebrity media whore?

I’m not saying homosexual men (like myself) don’t have a past. I’m not saying men (like myself) who have done questionable or sexual acts like what Sepúlveda displays in his videos are bad. Nor am I shaming those sexual acts or escorts (one of the oldest entrepreneurial professions in history). We all love sex.

What I am saying is that we’re not all superficial, materialistic, queer identifying, escorts, fashionistas, dramatical, sassy or catty men with fitness model physiques desperately seeking male attention…and were not all feminists with penises. We’re all not like the homosexual men that are paraded in front of us on reality television.

Unfortunately the diverse totality of the homosexual male in mainstream media continues to thrive on tired tropes. This conditions and indoctrinates many young homosexual men into thinking and believing that to be a part, one must adopt and conform to these dominate LGBT cultural standards; while simultaneously alienating homosexual men (regardless of masculine or feminine characteristics) whose personalities and behaviors don’t fall in line.

Is Logo saying that Sepúlveda is the single homosexual man next door…that Sepúlveda is the standard American Gay Bachelor?

To the homosexual or same gender loving men, do you agree with or accept this standard or representation? In your experience, is Logo actually correct in that Sepúlveda is the normal (past included) regular, around the way, single gay man looking for love? Is he – and this show – endemic of the gay culture?