I’ve read the social media posts and commentaries from gays berating toxic masculinity for ridiculing rapper Yung Joc for styling his hair in what some deemed to be a “white” or “gay” or what I like the call the “Anita Baker Rapture” hair style.


But the resulting memes though!

All of these shits have had me laughing up a storm this past week. Yung Joc reportedly changed his hair style for some type gig with another artist. He has also admitted that he even created some of the meme’s himself. As stated during an interview with VH1 Live:

“Would I be wrong if I said after I did it, you know people gonna talk about it, and I created like over seven of the different memes that everybody’s reposting,” Joc tells show host Marc Lamont Hill. “Would I be wrong for that? Cause it was funny to me.” 

Here are a couple of my favorite Yung Joc memes from around the web. 

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Full house 14102543_10154461208012421_7290921704594107773_n Yung-Joc-Prancing-Elite-LHHATL_meme