As regulars already know, I believe that “Real Men Don’t Cry” nor do they show vulnerable emotions in public. However, I do know that we live in the year 2014, or what’s better known as the Drake Era, so men openly displaying and voicing their emotions and all that shit is the norm nowadays.

I’m a robot. I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve cried as an adult. And 100% of those instances have been either at a funeral or privately mourning the death of a loved one or friend.

However, while sitting in a coffee shop today I suddenly tried to imagine what would happen if I my hypothetical manly, masculine boyfriend started “ugly crying” right in the middle of the store.


What would I do?

Imagine this. What if the guy you were dating, either new or long-term, started crying out loud in public. Maybe it was a reaction to something you said to him…or maybe it was a response to a phone call about a loved one…Snot tears and all that.


And he just balled out in front of a crowd of people like this:


What would you do?

Would you be comfortable enough to sit right next to him, throw my consoling arm around his shoulders in front of all those strangers and say, “It’s alright, baby, let it out…”


In front of all those people?!

Or would you act like he was a crying baby in a movie theater and carry him outside where no one could see or hear him?


How embarrassing would it be for you?

Or would it be no big deal?

Does all that new-age “men can be sensitive” shit go out the window if your strong masculine man breaks down like a baby in public?


How would you handle his open PUBLIC display of his emotions?

Honest answers only…no political correctness necessary…