Not gonna lie, I like some freaky shit. Well…minor freaky shit. Nothing like bondage, golden showers or fisting. But we all like what we like… Stuff I like is still the kinda stuff that may be a little off-putting to reveal to a dude you like the first time you both mess around (or have sex).

One time I was with a dude I was REALLY feeling, first time being fully naked & intimate and I was caught up in the moment. I remember going the extra mile to help him “finish” and then it was my turn. Like a drunk dude at a party, I started making requests.

He obliged, I was done, wiped myself off then looked at his face:

Then I realized that I may have revealed some things too soon.

So my question is, how soon is too soon for a dude you’re newly dating to make freaky, outside of the norm requests while being intimate?