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I gotta give props where they are due. For over 7 years now filmmaker Henderson Maddox has been grinding in the Atlanta indie film scene, long before the city became the so-called “Hollywood of the South.” I remember hearing whispers about one of his early locally produced films, “Five Days in the ‘A'” back in 2009.

While he hasn’t quite broken out to household name status like fellow LGBT filmmaker Patrik-Ian Polk, his recent work on web series such as “Steel River” and “The Boyz Next Door” have become go-to entertainment for many gay men and women seeking content not only about LGBT experiences, but also featuring people of color. Sexy people of color, on top of that.

From the beginning, Maddox has never been short on providing eye-candy and steamy Skinemax-worthy soft-core content for and by the LGBT community. While the overall quality of the work may not be Emmy Award winning level, the attempt at providing the community with more stories that feature a wider variety of experiences is always welcome.

Another reason to give Henderson Maddox props: He actually sent us a real official Press Release to promote his new project. A level of professionalism not seen by many other independent filmmakers submitting to this site and others.

On February 27th 2016, Maddox will debut his new series called, “About Him.”

This sexy new series, like so many sexy others from black gay filmmakers, features an attractive sexy cast sexily navigating through sexy relationship and sexy sexuality issues.

Full Synopsis from Press Release:

The hardest transition a man can make is telling himself the truth about his sexuality. There is a period when you find yourself “jumping the fence” figuring out what exactly pleases you. This period of your life when you are searching for yourself you usually end up finding love first. A love that results in the creation of who you are. Signal 23 Television, Director Henderson Maddox, and Author Tyson Anthony have worked hard to capture this moment on film.

The first season will introduce the three main characters and the dynamic of their relationship which all happens the summer before Damien goes off to his first year at college. The series also features actors Sir Brodie, Tasia Grant, Tripp Ali, and singing sensation Rahim Brazil. The series is being produced by Atlanta Dream Team Productions in association with the Jones Sisters. Although the series will debut on Youtube via Maddox’s Signal 23 TV, everyone involved is hoping for major distribution. “ We are going to get the first season out, perfect the show, building an amazing fan base, and aim for a season 2 debut with association of a major network or media platform,” explained Kimberly Jones of The Jones Sisters.

The series will host a few private premieres throughout February with stops in Los Angeles, San Diego, New York, Dallas, D.C, Nashville, and Atlanta all before the first episode drops on February 29th at midnight standard eastern standard time. For more info on the series follow the Facebook fan page at www.facebook.com/abouthimseries or instagram @abouthimtheseries.

To be honest, based on the sexy young cast, the melodrama and the dark cinematography: this series looks and sounds a lot like Lamont Pierre’s web series Freefall, now in its 4th season (yes, 4th season, they scrubbed the real first season from the web but we will never forget).

Nevertheless, the series does at least feature a masculine-leaning cast of gay male characters and it does look visually interesting, even if on a superficial level.

Share your thoughts on the series and premise in the comments section below. Will you be watching?



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