A buddy and I were sitting at the end of the bar near the door. The packed lounge was slightly humid and every time patrons would enter or exit, a nice breeze would blow and cool us off. This was due to the lounge having an entry in both the front and rear of the building. For the most part it was a mixed crowd, a few more males than females with my buddy and I surrounded by all men.

From the rear of the building walks in a young woman who had to be about 6’7 (no heels). She looked to be in her late 20’s, was dressed very nice and seemed like she had a pleasant disposition. She was challenged in her facial region and proportionately however. Nonetheless all the kats around me were talking among each other about how they would love to have sex with her. My homeboy and I looked at each other in amusement as we ear hustled.

“You getting this?” I said. “Oh yeah”, he replied. “I don’t understand, though… she not cute at all.” I said. “But look how big she is.” He said. I asked, “would you tap it?” “Hell yeah. I would love to climb mount booty and plant my flag, just because she’s that big”, he replied.

It made me question how do other top leaning non-heterosexual men feel about topping men taller than themselves…like you’re 5’8 and dude is like 6’8.

It also made me wonder if you’re the top in this situation; you see Mutombo standing at the other end of the bar (holding the ceiling up) and you say to yourself, “damn I wanna smash that just for the hell of it”. Would it make a difference to you if their disposition consisted of a masculine or feminine makeup?

My tall friend once told me that he could not top or date a tall fem bottom even though he dates fem leaning or ‘in between’ guys. Tall fem men may not be his preference but I have a hard time believing tall men – regardless of sexual role – are getting rejected because of their height. 

*Note* I’m not a huge fan of the top bottom label but notice I stated top / bottom leaning. My thinking was focused on men who perform or practice these sexual roles / positions in the majority of their sexual encounters with other men. I know these roles are more fluid and balanced for many others. 

Feel free to share your thoughts.