The internet has been on fire with reports that a group of young black gay men (known as MIAKA – Men Interested in Alpha Kappa Alpha) are threatening to file a lawsuit against the Alpha Kappa Alpha (AKA) sorority (a private organization).  The men are claiming homophobia and gender discrimination by the sorority for not allowing them a chance to join and pledge. 

Is MIAKA serious with this nonsense?  I am sure this is just a publicity stunt to garner attention to their organization.  If they are serious, I am sure the case would get thrown out; however this is still irritating the hell out of me on so many levels. 

Let me go into detail for you.



Female Worship and Idealization

I know that many feminine men identify or relate to women more so than men and even refer to each other as “girl”.  I
think when identifying with women crosses over into obsession and worship, then there is a problem.   If you are a proud gay man, why would you want to belong to a female organization? Feminine or not, where is your sense of pride in your maleness?
Keep in mind in no way am I referring to transgender women or anyone who is inter-sexed…I am talking about regular feminine gay men. 


Lack of Creativity and Imagination

This is what really annoys me about the men of MIAKA; they have a lack of creativity and imagination. MIAKA is mimicking a historical and already established group.

MIAKA is copying their colors (pink and green), throwing up their “pinkies” like AKA women do and even stealing the sorority’s famous call “skee wee”! 

There are even videos MIAKA has filmed of their probate crossing over (complete with a fat big sister) and the hijacked calls of  “skee wee” can be heard by the other “sisters” in the back ground. (Video Below)

Not only is MIAKA a group of frauds, they are a group of men with no real sense of identity.   Gay folk and black folk are some of the most creative people on the planet but they couldn’t come up with their own colors, hand signs and call signs…Really?  If anything AKA needs to sue MIAKA for unauthorized use of their colors and trademarks.

Members of fraternities have a sense of brotherhood and are able to deal with and discuss issues based upon their maleness.  The same goes for members or sororities.  There are many LGBT Greek organizations across the country (over 25).

MIAKA could have easily started their own local chapter of a national organization like Delta Phi Upsilon (first black homosexual fraternity) that promote brotherhood and deal with issues based upon their male homosexuality.  They could have even taken the additional steps and researched homosexual history across Latin America and Africa and applied a historical aspect to creating their own unique organization versus one that is mirrored off of Greek / European / Caucasian fraternities and sororities.  

Again, where is the imagination and creativity?

Discrimination Where There is None

I can only assume that if these feminine young men attempted to join any black fraternity, they would face some resistance and push back from black fraternity members on campus due to their femininity and sexuality;  then I could see them filing suite for possible discrimination.  With that said, we all know plenty of gay men who are members of black fraternities.

This is a false flag and bogus cry of discrimination where there is none.  It is not discrimination if a man goes into a public building and enters the women’s restroom and gets arrested.

As a co-creator of this website, I hear it all the time.  Fem dudes complaining about our site and saying that we are a part of the problem by causing division. Screaming non-inclusiveness and internalized homophobia…WTF ever. 

Maybe you should stop and think that your flamboyant actions and attitudes, not your sexuality or femininity is what excludes you.

If a lawsuit is filed, it will cause the real and legitimate cases of LGBT sexual discrimination to be more heavily questioned and scrutinized.  It will take attention and focus away from the real struggles that the LGBT community face every day.

Further Division in the Black Community

We already have enough on our plate without adding further division between the black community and the black homosexual community.  Even though it is on a small scale, this is exactly what this particular issue is doing.   

Members of Fraternities and Sororities take their pledge, mission statements, history, colors, organizational codes and values
very seriously.  More importantly they have pride in their organizations.  MIAKA’s threatening actions does nothing but to inflame the already preconceived notion that gays are attempting to push their agenda and forcing their sexuality on everyone else.

This also reinforces the negative notion yet again that being a homosexual man equals being a feminine gay man.

MIAKA’s actions not only help breed ignorance and induce homophobia, they are clouding the waters of the discussion, all in the name of wanting to be included in a woman’s organization that doesn’t want them at the table.

As I write this I am just wondering how long will it be before some mother out there files suit because her effeminate little boy wants to join the Girl Scouts and can’t due to fact that he is a little boy.  

I would hope she would not take the easy road and file a discrimination lawsuit but would do the responsible thing and properly explain to him…

“Everything is not for everybody.  Just because you want to be included, that doesn’t mean
should be included. Now go sit down!”

What do you think? Please feel free to share your thoughts.