What would my dad think?  What would my mother say?  Man I can’t let my frat brothers know about this?  I think it’s just wrong and I don’t what to be this way.When I have asked men about why they are not more open about their sexuality; these have been some of the responses I have received.  No these are not down low men.  These are men who are single, over 30, with no kids, progressive and independent.

I asked myself “what is the true reason they would not be willing to share their secret with at least some of their close friends and family”.

No I am not talking about having a “coming out” party or wearing your sexuality on your sleeve but sharing a part of your life with your mother, brother or a close uncle for example.  I mean finally having an honest response to the questions of “when are you going to get married and have kids”?

Yes I understand that there is fear of ridicule, feelings of shame or embarrassment but what is driving the perceived potential reactions of those close to these men? Making them fearful, apprehensive and preventing them from being more open?

For me religion is at the root these feelings. I feel religion and more importantly what people believe and perceive about homosexuality when it concerns religion is what drives them to act and react negatively to sexuality.

My Questions are…

If religion was not a factor, do you feel society would be more open to homosexuality?

What do you feel is preventing you from being more open to those close to you?